Still hanging out in Mazatlan

Posted by Admiral
Jan 20 2011

We have checked into Marina Mazatlan in order to work on some things – the diesel engine heat exchanger, the outboard motor starter, install a macerator for the aft head, etc., etc., etc.  Meanwhile, we found a dry cleaner right here at the marina, and they cleaned our king-size comforter for $8.50!!!!

Our friend, Pancho, sent along this picture that we took of him during the first part of our trip from Topolobampo:

P1030625[1]  Looking pretty relaxed!  Whoever heard of deck chairs on a sailboat!

Pancho will be visiting us this weekend.  He is driving down on his motorcycle.  Should be a fun weekend.  Meanwhile, Muggs is still nursing a lower back problem that refuses to just go away.  Larry is treating me like a princess now, if not quite a queen, but I suppose I don’t really deserve to be treated like a queen!@  Hahahaha!

Hasta la vista, mis amigos!

2 Responses

  1. Rick Cloninger says:

    OK – you both are alive; just not 100% Muggs. At least the sky looks blue and there is any Wintery-Mix coming down.

    Take care, Rick

  2. Muggs Zabel says:

    Yes, we are alive, very nearly 100%! Any day now, we will be up to 100%! LOL.
    How are things in NC. Actually a little cool here at night — in the mid-40′s. Probably not cool enough to get any sympathy….
    Days are nice in mid-to-high 70′s.
    Hope you are doing well, too. Hi to Susan,

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