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High Seas Adventures, Ports of Call | Posted by Admiral
Sep 28 2009

We’re gone!!  We motored from Grand Marina yesterday, Sunday, Sept. 27, after a great send-off from our dockmates at the marina.  The yacht club group came by the evening before, and we had a wonderful time watching the sunset and drinking adult beverages.  After spending five days doing a two-day organizing task, we gave up, shoved it all on the boat somewhere, and cut the dock lines.

We motored all the way to Half Moon Bay since the very light breeze was on the nose.  The swells were 2 ft. to 5 ft.  Muggs took her seasick medicine two days prior, and she did fine as did Larry and Patrick Kolasinski, our web master and good friend.


0927 at the gate

On the way, Muggs took a short rest below.  Naturally, that was the time when Patrick and Larry saw a humpback whale breach about 20 feet out of the water!  Muggs did get to see lots of sea lions and pelicans.

We passed a boat named “Love in Vane”:

0927 Love in Vane

Turns out this boat belongs to another member of the Oakland Yacht Club – John Chille.  He anchored at Half Moon Bay as did we.  The anchoring was OK – Muggs has a lot to learn.  Half Moon Bay is very forgiving because there is lots of room and it’s fairly shallow.

A member of the Half Moon Bay Yacht Club – Harry – came by in his dinghy and gave us a tow over to the club’s floating dock.  From there, you use a remote control device to drive a ferry across to the beach.  Then you time the surge and jump onto the beach.  Much better than the last time Muggs came to this yacht club and face-planted in the sand!

Right behind us was a couple we knew from Ballena Bay Yacht Club years ago – Al and Claudia Linhares.  They all welcomed us to HMBYC where we bought soft drinks and got directions to a nice restaurant.

Peregrine and Love in Vane are staying here for the day to recoup some energy and sort through the stuff we piled on at the last minute.  The plan is to leave around 7:00 am tomorrow for Monterey Bay.