Ventura Happenings

Posted by Admiral
Aug 06 2011

We are still in Ventura, at the Ventura Yacht Clubs Guest dock.  Joel and I had had to replace the start battery on the boat that Neal at Grand Marina Boat Yard said was practically new.  While we were at it we decided to install a battery combiner as well.  A battery combiner,  for those land lubbers, is an electronic gadget that combines the two banks of batteries while charging and separates them only when one bank is to be used. 

Yesterday we decided to take the day off and go to the fair.  The Ventura County Fair just opened and we thought we needed a corn dog.  The one thing we discovered about Ventura, they don’t have any cattle ranches.  Sheep ranching is very big.


Doesn’t he look cute.


I mean the sheep, not Joel.

After walking all over the fair Joel and I decided to sit at the horse arena and watch some horses and wagons/buggies race an obstacle course.

These are just a few pictures we took of these beautiful horses.





This is the large buckboard wagons with, what they called Unicorns.  What they really are are Clydesdale draft horses.  The gear they wear come up high over the wither bone and looks like a horn.  This is the only thing that we could come up with as an explanation for the name unicorn.  Any horse people out there that knows the real answer let us know. 


On our way out we went by this truck with a bluegrass band playing, so we stop to listen for a while.  They were pretty good.


We are trying to get out of here and go up to Channel Island Yacht club.  We called them to make a reservation at the guest dock.  Guess what.  No room.

We are looking at plan B or C or D…

We should be in Catalina by Labor Day.

This is Joel and Larry on Entre Nous signing off for now.

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