Catalina Island to Oceanside

Posted by Admiral
Sep 13 2011

Sorry for being so late with this blog.  Joel and I have been doing a lot.  This will be a long blog with lots of pictures.

Our crossing to Catalina Island  was very uneventful.  No wind the whole way.  We left Alamitos bay at 9am and arrived at Two Harbors around 2pm.  about a 5 hour motor.  The ferries make it in 1 hour.

We’ve been in Catalina 4 days.  The boat is moored at two harbors.  Being in this moorage can be a bit uncomfortable.  The ferries come in here several times a day without slowing down much.  Their bow wakes hit us on the beam making us role back and forth a lot.

We inflated the dinghy for the first time without any problems and went ashore.  Not a lot to do here except spend money on rental equipment, eat, and swim.  There are some great snorkeling and diving areas around here to explore.  The water is still too cold to go in.

My back has been giving me a little problem the last day or two.  We went online to find a chiropractor and found one in Avalon.  The only problem is getting to Avalon.  It’s 12 miles by boat, or 23 miles by bus.  We checked the schedules for the ferries and buses.  If we went by ferry we would have to spend the night.  They only go one direction a day.  They leave Two Harbors at 1 pm and don’t come back until kthe next day.  The bus goes to Avalon in the morning at 10 and back at 4.  That leaves 4 hours in Avalon.  We decided to go by bus.   I got the appointment for 2pm.   On the way to Avalon we saw some buffalo grazing at the side of the road.059003

We did take a hike around the northern point to 4th of July cove.  The following pictures were taken during that hike.007007


The next picture is of Entre Nous on its mooring.


We are above the dinghy in the center of the photo.

While we were in Two Harbors we met Anne and Tim of Spica, a Catalina 36.  They work at Two Harbors and plan to do the Ha Ha. 

We also visited the USC Marine Institute.  The following are some pictures of this visit.


This is a picture of a dancing shark in a petting tank.  Go ahead, pet it.


Joel found his girl friend in Two Harbors.

There was a buffalo chip contest on our last day on  Catalina.  We took some pictures of cute girls picking out their chips.



Our nest port of call is Newport Beach.  This is where we will meet up with my wife, Muggs. 

We left our mooring at 8:21 on Sept. 5, 2011.  We unfurled the jib and flew it because the wind was mostly from the stern.  That added an extra knot to our speed, and arrived in Newport Beach in 5.5 hours.

Muggs showed up the next day.  everyone was a bit tired, so we rested that day.The three of us we to Disneyland for two days and wore ourselves out completely. 






This was a duck in the river that the river boat is in.  Does anyone know what kind it is.


The drawing we are holding was done by Muggs.  We are posing in front of the Hollywood (Haunted) hotel.



On Saturday we drove to Dana Point to see the tall ships.


During this event, Muggs and Joel participated in a seminar on dissecting a squid.030





There was also a demonstration on flying a sail of a square rigger.




Sept. 12, 2011  We left Newport Beach at 8:45am heading for Oceanside.  It was very lite air.  Maybe 4 knots.  About half way there I unfurled the jib.  It didn’t help much until we were almost there.  We arrived in Oceanside at 3pm.  about one hour ahead of schedule.  We plan to stay in Oceanside for two days and then we will be off to Sunny San Diego.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog, and I will try make the entries a little closer together.  When we finally get to Mexico the entries should get a lot more fun.  Until next time, enjoy083

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