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We are in San Diego, leaving Monday, Oct. 26

Ports of Call | Posted by Admiral
Oct 23 2009

I have pictures to post, but I can’t get to them right now (cable problems).  I will put together a better post in Cabo San Lucas, around November 6-7-8. 

The San Diego harbor fire boat will escort this massive flotilla of boats (about 200) out of the harbor on Monday morning.  If anyone gets TV from San Diego, we’ll probably be on TV!

Gotta run – I’m busy burning through the last few dollars we have to finish outfitting this boat – I guess it will be done on Sunday, no matter what!


We are in Long Beach Harbor

Ports of Call | Posted by Admiral
Oct 23 2009

Position:  33degrees 42.858’ N  118 degrees 16.858’ W

We left Ventura around 1030 hours Thursday Oct. 15 heading for Santa Cruz Island.  We hosted a herd of dolphins on the way over.  Muggs took a lot of pictures, but only this one even starts to show the magnificence of what we saw – a couple dozen animals at least, playing and leaping:


About half way over the wind and swell started kicking up and we decided to change our destination to Cat Harbor.  We reached Cat Harbor around midnight.  There was no room at the anchorage, no moon, and too many mooring balls so we headed out to Long Beach Harbor.

After a long night in the Catalina channel (waiting for time to go by—we didn’t want to enter in the dark) we entered Long Beach Harbor about 0700 hours.  There was no room at the inn so we anchored in a very nice anchorage.  Each boat in the anchorage has to register with the Harbor Police, no fee.

After sleeping almost all day and all night, I woke up to a gorgeous sunrise followed by thick fog an hour later.


We will stay here two more days, and then we will go to Oceanside on Monday.