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General | Posted by Gilligan
Dec 13 2009

Hi All,

   We’ve had some problems with spam links in the comments, so we’re going to have to switch to a slightly more restrictive way of allowing commenting on posts.  Previously, anybody could post a comment and their comment would immediately be visible. 

Starting immediately, the new system is going to hold all comments in a “queue” until the comment is approved.  Comments by somebody who has already had a comment approved will show up immediately, but new people will have to wait until one of the administrators approves their first comment. 

So, Elizabeth, Joel, and everyone else who has already posted and been approved should see no difference, and everybody else might have to wait a little bit before their comments show up.  We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but we need to do this to cut down on the spam and bad links.

Best wishes to our interepid adventurers,