Joel and Larry in Monterey

Posted by Admiral
Jul 17 2011
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We arrived in Monterey on Wednesday July 14, 2011.  The weather is better here.  Anything is better than foggy, drizzly Half Moon Bay.  We had breakfast at Lulu’s, a little restaurant on the pier. 

Muggs  is coming in on Friday for the weekend.  We are planning to leave after Muggs leaves,

We had a great time this weekend with Muggs.  Yesterday we drove to Seaside to shop for a few odds and ends.  Then we came back to Monterey and walked around downtown.  Muggs found 3 used book stores to spend time and money in.  Later we went to the wharf for dinner.  Joel and I had a half a crab and Muggs had a mixed sea food dish.  It was all delicious.

We just looked at the weather and as usual, the weather is in charge.  It is predicted to blow 15-20kts and wave height to be 10 ft. at 9 seconds. It looks like we will be here at least until Thursday.  I could think of worst places to be stuck.  Half Moon Bay comes to mind. 

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