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Posted by Admiral
Feb 02 2010

I have just been reminded that I did not tell the story of fixing our starter.  It’s interesting only because it illustrates the way things work down here in the cruiser community.

Roger on Avalon came over one day and spent the afternoon taking the starter solenoid apart and putting it back together.  The rebuilt solenoid still didn’t work properly.  Roger knew the guy we bought the starter motor from last September in Oakland, and he called him.  He arranged for a replacement to be provided since it was determined that the original was faulty.  (The quick replacement was possible because Muggs was able to find the original purchase paperwork!)

A friend of ours from Grand Marina, who is cruising now, went home in January in order to bring his car back to Mexico.  John of Aventura picked up the new starter in Oakland and brought it to us about two weeks ago.  Larry installed it, and it worked first time, every time!  Muggs will return the original starter motor on her trip to California next week.

John on Aventura came to Mexico this year because he was talking with Larry in the marina, wondering what to do next in his life.  Larry suggested that he do the HaHa, and now he has an FM3 visa and is living the good life here in Mexico!

Hasta luego, mis amigos!

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  1. Daryll Santuray says:

    Hi Larry and Muggs.

    You guys look so happy!!! We hope to visit soon!!! Keep the posts coming!


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