Still in Monterey

Posted by Admiral
Oct 04 2009

Well, we arrived in Monterey on Thursday afternoon.  We motored all the way from Half Moon Bay through waves of 3’ to 10’.   Mostly 3-5’ and very little wind.  In the afternoon, as we crossed Monterey Bay, the winds came up a bit, but they were from directly behind.  It can be tricky to sail dead downwind in rolly seas, so we didn’t try it.

Monterey Bay is beautiful, of course.  We have walked about ten miles since we got here – to the other piers, to West Marine, to the Aquarium, to Pete’s coffee for internet access.  We are definitely getting our exercise!

On Friday, Harry Reppert came to visit.  We had a lovely lunch down on the wharf.  Harry went with us to the internet site, and he showed us which is extremely helpful.  We have been using it to a great extent this morning (Sunday, Oct. 4) as we try to determine the best timing for going south. 

Yesterday, Jim and Beth Golden visited us for dinner.  Muggs had a drink with them while Larry finished working on gps stuff with John of Love in Vane.  We have several boat neighbors in the harbor here who are flying Ha Ha flags – at least six others, maybe more.


Then they took us to dinner at Massano Santos on the western pier.  (This is also the Coast Guard pier that Larry was very familiar with after his trial by fire with Sam and Susie Crabtree a couple of years ago.  He helped them bring back their boat, Catch the Wind, in stormy seas.)  Just for Paul Goss, we had Bananas Foster, complete with lots of flame, for dessert.

I took this picture of Peregrine in her slip at the Monterey Harbor:



We have tentatively decided to leave Monterey on Tuesday.  The seas are supposed to be light, and there is a little more wind available on Tuesday.  We might get to sail!

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