We’re Still Here!

Posted by Admiral
Mar 25 2010

Just taking some time out for some personal business – Muggs had a lot of dental work done – and then getting ready for something called La Paz Bayfest.  Larry will be teaching a one-hour class about knot tying, and Muggs will be displaying her artwork at the Art Show!  Maybe I will get a chance to get pictures of this for my next posting.

Meanwhile, we are getting ready to go out for a few days in the local islands.  Earlier this week, we purchased a 120v juicer.  Yesterday, Larry bought 10 pounds of oranges (at least – maybe more!!).  So we are having fresh-squeezed orange juice for the next week or so, courtesy of our 150w inverter that runs the juicer without having to turn on the engine or generator:

orange juice 015 Pretty cool, huh!!

We hope to see whale sharks soon.  These are the largest living fish species.  They congregate not far from where we are anchored, so maybe we will see some as we leave tomorrow.  Possibly not, though, since a lot of breeze is expected which will make the water choppy and not conducive to seeing these big guys.

I will report later.  Until then, remember that manana (tilde on the first n) doesn’t really mean tomorrow – it just means not today!!

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  1. Gilligan says:

    It’s great to hear from you guys again, we were wondering how things were going. Have fun island hopping and shark watching!

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