Getting Ready to leave Ventura

Posted by Admiral
Oct 15 2009

Robin Matt and the Ventura Yacht Club have been amazing hosts, and we have had a busy five-day stay (I think – I lose count!)  Actually, busy is probably overstating the case.  We slept in a lot, and socialized a lot.  There was only one day when Larry got really busy on the boat, but he got a lot done – replaced the anchor light (he sent a VYC member up the mast—the guy volunteered!), and fixed about three or four other things – I can’t remember what.  Robin was our host for dinner three or four times, and Tuesday night there was a potluck with incredible food and a great crowd – in the rain!

Yesterday we refueled – here is a picture from the fuel dock:



This is typical around here – the pelicans have no fear.

I will post some pictures of VYC members later after Robin reminds me of their names!

Here’s us with Robin in front of a beautiful sunset:


Today we are off to the Channel Islands for one night only, then on towards San Diego.

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