Server Issues Settled (I Hope)

Posted by Gilligan
May 30 2010

Ok, so we got into the new office and have the server set up just fine.  It took a week and a half to work through some of the connection issues with Comcast, but I think I have them all sorted out now.  On the bright side, you should see an immediate improvement in load times for the videos – our new internet connection is blazing fast!

Thank you for your patience, and sorry for any hiccups over the last couple of weeks.

2 Responses

  1. george says:

    Hi Mugs & Larry
    I was working at John Giorgio’s house and he told me about your site…its wonderful you have made your dreams come true in retirement and travel and i pray all that God has created you get to see and experience…Just met another retired couple that are selling their home and spending 1 month in each of the 50 states, kind of a cool plan as well…if you need any help now and again my daughter works for Southwest and I can fly free anywhere, yes…do you get to play the keys much now? MJC has survived major personnel cuts so far…the new Gregori HS is set to open soon…I closed the dance studio last year to actually focus on making a living at Abba Construction(Hahaha)…take care, and God Bless, george baker

  2. Admiral Muggs says:

    How fun to hear from you, George! Yes, we are seeing many amazing things and look forward to many more. Right now we are spending a little time with Larry’s mom while we take care of some bits of business, but we will drive back to Mexico next week.

    Thanks for writing!

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