Painting the Masts

Posted by Admiral
Jul 30 2010

The masts are painted, stepped, and today the rigger is here tuning it up.  Doug took lots of good pictures of this process, so I am putting them here for my own reference in the future.  You may want to skip to the next post for more interesting news.

July 2010 from Aq 016 First time in the yard – getting ready to remove the masts.

July 2010 from Aq 017 The crane guy goes up to get things properly attached.


July 2010 Guaymas 012 July 2010 from Aq 054

Peregrine is stickless, first at the yard, then back at the dock.

loreto to guaymas 058 loreto to guaymas 057

The pretty result of hours of sanding, scraping, refilling, and general prep work.

July 2010 Guaymas 002 July 2010 Guaymas 003

Close ups of the paint job after Larry and Doug reattached the rigging.

July 2010 Guaymas 006 July 2010 Guaymas 011

Back in the yard, getting her ready to re-step.  We brought Peregrine to the yard the day before these pictures were taken.  The crane was delayed, so the boat spent the night with Larry on board.  There was a deluge of rain that night – more on that story in the next post.  Larry heard the dock lines creak about 10 pm as the tide fell.  It was tricky keeping the boat protected from the concrete pier but allowing for the fluctuation of the tide level.  We had forgotten to plan ahead for this, but there was really no way to prepare.  He just had to release and retie the dock lines two or three times that night – didn’t get much sleep.

July 2010 Guaymas 013 July 2010 Guaymas 009

Picture on left shows high quality work.  On the right, the underside of the spreaders. 

from P Escondido 026 This is your basic “before” picture!  (Underside of same spreader, two months ago.)

July 2010 from Aq 069 Nightwork in the yard, reattaching rigging.

July 2010 from Aq 127Nightwork in the slip, reattaching more rigging.  I don’t think they’ll ever be done!

This work was done for us for approximately 30% of a price we had been quoted in Alameda.  Not 30% LESS, but 30%!

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