A Firey Fiesta! Muggs’ Feliz Cumpleanos

Posted by Admiral
Jan 28 2011

Here you are folks – Mexican Coffee:

01-25-11_2028Note the fire extinguisher.

01-25-11_2031And the sunglasses.


01-25-11_2035The flame is riding right along with the coffee!

01-25-11_2012Muggs was sure entertained!

Tuesday night, we went out for dinner and dessert.  The dessert part had to include coffee, of course, but I had no idea what I was in for when the friends I was with ordered Mexican coffee.  The flame comes from tequila, of course.  The drinkmaker has two silver pitchers between which he pours and mixes the flaming tequila and coffee.  The first step is to caramelize the sugar lining the rim of the glasses.  All the people in attendance were having a great time while taking the fire risk seriously, too.  These wigs are fiberglass, I’m pretty sure:

01-25-11_2027They were more like hard hats than wigs, at any rate. 

The coffee was delicious.  Better, actually, than Irish coffee.  I sensed less alcohol than I do with Irish coffee, and I guess I like tequila better than whiskey! 

Anyway, if by some chance, we are still here for the Superbowl, we will definitely go back to this place then.

Meanwhile, Larry is recovering from a bout with something unpleasant (fever, chills, and diarrhea) and I am fighting off back pain problems.  Next week, we should be out of here on our way south.  The heat exchanger is back in and only lacks some anti-freeze and a test drive.  When Larry is good and ready, we will take off.

Until then, here are a few random photos from the last few weeks that somehow got left out of the narrative:

12-27-10_1209Larry rolled a high game of 255 one day while he was substituting for his mom during December.  Not bad for an old fart with a 30-year-old bowling ball!

01-13-11_1345A jelly fish in the Old Harbor.  The actual dimension of this thing is probably 12” diameter, 5-6” deep.

01-28-11_1015[1]While I was walking to Isla Mazatlan this morning, this Coppel blimp showed up and flew around very low – I’m sure he was at less than 500’.  I thought for a few minutes that maybe they were in trouble, but apparently they weren’t.  (Coppel is a department store along the lines of Sears.)

OK, that’s all folks.  Next stop is Isla Isabela.

2 Responses

  1. Sandra Griffin says:

    wow Muggs…i am just enthralled at your adventures. you are very descriptive and it really puts me at the table next to you and Larry watching the flames!
    I am so happy for you and Larry, livin da life!

  2. Muggs Zabel says:

    Hola, Sandra. Are you or Allison on Facebook. I am — Margaret Muggs Strum Zabel, if you want to hit me on the first try.

    Hope things are good this year. I know last year was tough with the loss of your father. Mine passed 5 years ago. Still think about him fondly. Not so much the stepmother….

    Hi to Allison. I figure she is doing amazing things in high school,

    Love, Muggs

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