Hanging out in Cabo

Posted by Admiral
Nov 19 2009

Well, there is no progress news on the boat.  We assume that the yard people are working on having new parts made.  Meanwhile, everything works at a no wikiwiki pace (to use a Hawaiian phrase).  So we are cleaning the boat and polishing the stainless steel in the morning while it’s cool, taking a break (read “siesta”) midday, and then swimming and having a drink and snack somewhere in the evening.  Since we are in a yard with electricity, we are watching movies in the evenings. 

I have finally found a special connector that one of our cameras requires for downloading pictures which are in the camera’s memory instead of on a memory card (I don’t understand this stuff – bear with me).  We figured out weeks ago that some of our favorite pictures were on this camera, but we couldn’t get to it.  Now we can, so we share them with you:

olympus non card 2009 006

olympus non card 2009 007

Larry took these pictures while we were on the hook in San Pedro Harbor (Long Beach – LA).  The first picture is through the cockpit screen, so it’s fuzzy but I sure enjoyed the posture of the bird!  He acted like he belonged there.  We had to hit the standing rigging a few times with a boat hook to scare him off.

For those who don’t understand what they are looking at, the pelican is perched on our port-side solar panel!

Then there are pictures of the oil rigs in the Santa Barbara channel which are fairly impressive (the rigs, not the pictures – the pictures are barely passable – sorry!):

Baja HaHa 2009 olymp 005

Baja HaHa 2009 olymp 004

The second picture shows a burn-off flame.  The first one is a pair with an interconnecting bridge plus some interesting sky. 

There are more.  I will be back, so stay tuned!



Edit from Gilligan:   I cleaned up the four pictures so that they’re a bit easier to see.   I think the sky lost the color you were trying to show, but the clouds are clearer this way.

Oil Rig 1  Oil Rig 2  Pelican 2 Pelican 1

2 Responses

  1. Gilligan says:

    There you go guys! I don’t know if you had it on or off, but be sure to turn off your flash when you take scenery pictures (like the oil rigs). I suspect that it might have come on automatically when you took those pictures, which is why they came out so dark.

    Best of luck on the repairs, and keep us posted on any news. We’re thinking of you!

  2. Rick Cloninger says:

    The ocean is real interesting – hope they weren’t planning to cook!
    COLD and WINDY back here in NC.

    Take care and enjoy.

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