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Nov 24 2009
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We finally left Cabo San Lucas on Sunday, the 22nd.  We arrived at a beautiful cove called Los Frailes late that day.  The next day (yesterday) we inflated the dinghy and went to shore.  This is a very remote place, but there appear to be about a dozen family groups living here in everything from a nice RV to a corrugated makeshift hut.  The nice RV’s belong to gringos – US and Canada – and the huts are occupied by the fishermen.  The road is 11 miles of gravel to the main road.  Its condition varies from wretched to passable depending on recent weather.

There is beautiful snorkeling at one end of this cove.  We snorkeled for most of the afternoon.  That evening I cooked fresh dorado which had been given to us by a fellow cruiser that morning.  And Larry ate it and liked it!

This morning, Nov. 24, we departed around 7 am and motored to a cove called Los Muertos (the “dead ones” is a reference to a 19th century-style mooring).  Back in Cabo, as we left we again had problems with our starter – Larry thought it was the solenoid valve. Then he got to thinking it might be the push button itself.  It just so happens that we had a starter button on the boat which is fairly new and we are not using anymore – for the electric head.  We had changed it over to manual at some point in our travels down here.

So, he changed out the starter button and, voila, it started on the first try!  But at anchor in Los Frailes, we had the same headache again – wouldn’t start, but he could correct the problem by beating on the solenoid!

This is a long way of explaining why we never shut the engine off between Los Frailes and Los Muertos.  There was actually a brisk breeze the whole way up, but most of it was on the nose, so we would have had to go a considerably greater distance if we sailed.

When we got here, Larry cut the bottom of his foot while he was putting down anchor chain.  We will leave tomorrow morning at 4 am in order to get to La Paz before dark.  We need to get the boat fixed, and Larry can’t go in the water until this wound is mostly healed.

While we were on the hard in Cabo, Larry got the second butthugger installed:

Nov 24 2009 003

Nov 24 2009 004 On the hard in Cabo.

Nov 24 2009 006 Back to the water.  Finally!

Nov 24 2009 009

Nov 24 2009 018 Leaving Cabo!

Nov 24 2009 024 At anchor in Los Frailes.

Nov 24 2009 027 What an amazing sky!

Nov 24 2009 035 Sunrise, leaving Frailes

We haven’t taken any pictures of Los Muertos yet.  Maybe they will show up when we post from La Paz!

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  1. Gilligan says:

    Great to hear that you’re back on the water!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    What the heck is a butthugger? I’m sure it has a totally different meaning in sailing but it brings up all different ideas at this end!


  3. joel says:


    I got your broke boat parts at WM and have left email with Harry, had to buy insurance on mic, what would you like to do next with them?

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