After Christmas, back in La Paz

Posted by Admiral
Dec 30 2009

I only just now have posted the picture from the party at Larry’s mom’s home on the Saturday before Christmas.  My good friend, Elizabeth, took many more terrific pictures while we were in the Stockton-Modesto area:

tea party Brit-style tea with Elizabeth and her mum right there in Escalon, California at the Lavender Hollow Farm.

xmas eve3 At Elizabeth’s home for Christmas Eve.  Left to right – Larry, Mom, Muggs, Elizabeth, Mum with Brady in front.  Brady calls us Grammy and Poppa.

b poppa2 Poppa and Larry – being silly – our most highly developed skill!

xmas m b 1 Grammy and Brady playing Nascar Monopoly.  Brady always remembers exactly which of us owns which property without checking.  He also usually gets complete sets of property.  He was the only one who got to put any hotels (actually garages in this version) on his property.  And Grammy landed on it every time around, I think!  Brady won at the end.  We didn’t have enough time to play to bankruptcy, so we added up assets.

We took Brady to a winter fun park:

hayride2 Russell, Elizabeth and Poppa on a haywagon ride thru a lighted path.  It was VERRRRY COLD!!  BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zip1 Brady and Grammy both rode the zip line! 

zip2 And here’s the proof!!!  I think I will become a stuntwoman in my next life!

We returned to La Paz yesterday (Tuesday, the 29th), and we had a bit of fun along the way.  First, we had a layover in Los Angeles (whoever designed the layout of that airport should be shot) where another couple from this year’s HaHa befriended us (Larry was wearing the hat, as usual).  They are Sherry and Gordon of Serenity which is located in the same marina as us here in La Paz!  They are a very nice and friendly couple, and they didn’t know how they were going to get from the airport back to La Paz.  We told them we planned to find the bus station – we weren’t sure how – and take it back for a price of about $20 per person.  We knew that the last bus left at 5:30, our plane was scheduled to arrive at 4:00, so we were operating on the “hope” system – we hoped that the business at customs wouldn’t take very long so we would have a chance to figure out how to get to the bus station.

At the airport, we used a porter for our baggage (considerable as it included a foldable bicycle in a rather large box).  He handled all the luggage without breaking a sweat, and then got us on a shuttle van that took us all – us, the other couple, and two more people who just happened to need to get to La Paz and heard us talking about it – to the bus station.  We bought tickets, got on the bus, and we are all safely delivered to our new homes in La Paz.  Good thing, too, as all of the other folks seemed to be depending on us to be the leaders – scary thought!

We will not be venturing out for more sailing adventures until the weather (northerly winds) allows, probably sometime next week.  Until then, Happy New Year everyone.

Which reminds me – the cruisers are celebrating the new year with a potluck tomorrow night at 5:00 pm which is midnight Greenwich mean time.  That way we can all be in bed by cruiser’s midnight which is commonly accepted as 9:00 pm!

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  1. Rick Cloninger says:

    Back on the boat! Hope that all is fine and going well. Have a Happy New Year and enjoy.

  2. Admiral Muggs says:

    Happy New Year to you, too. I hope everything with you is fine, too. The subject of your head/brain injury comes up fairly often around here. I am passing along the “be safe” reminders to anyone who will listen!

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