An Interesting Day in Paradise (La Paz)

Posted by Admiral
Jan 06 2010

Today, I (Muggs) went to the Club Cruceros meeting place and met with other cruisers who like to sketch and paint.  I have never really done this before, but I have an interest and brought some paints with me.  I had fun and learned a lot, and here is my first effort:

butterfly 001

But the real fun started when I returned to the marina.  Larry had already returned a couple of hours before.  During this time, a dolphin wandered into the marina and swam around in the slip next to our boat for a while!

dolphin 001

How high tech is this, for just a couple of old f*&ts – Larry used his cell phone to take this picture, then he emailed it to our email account from which I downloaded it to the computer!  I know, I know – not really very high tech, but consider who’s doing this and where! 

When I arrived, I took several pictures as we waited for a boat to arrive that was going to escort (we thought) the dolphin back to open water:

dolphin 005  dolphin 004dolphin 007 See the paddle – I wasn’t sure what they had in mind, but it turned out not to be herding:

 dolphin 011

 dolphin 014

In the last picture, you can barely see the dolphin’s snout under a wet rag – on the floor, bottom right.  The worker is washing him down with a hose:

dolphin 018

That’s all for now.  Tonight, we are going to a place called Bandido’s for hamburgers grilled in the engine compartment of an old Chevy!

7 Responses

  1. Gilligan says:

    That water looks amazing, and so inviting. Dolphins swimming by your front porch – what a concept!

    How were the radiator burgers?

  2. John & Lisa says:

    Anybody care about what happened to the dolphin???

  3. Admiral Muggs says:

    The dolphin was taken out to open water and released.

    And the burgers were great!

  4. Barbara says:

    Do whale sharks bite?
    Sharks do here in Australia except nirse sharks probably

  5. Admiral Muggs says:

    No, whale sharks eat like balleen whales. They have no teeth. It is very safe to swim with them, and it is a very popular activity here for tourists.

  6. Rick Cloninger says:

    Glad that you & Larry are enjoying the LONG SAIL (or a day or two on the dirt).

    Since this is the end of April; OF COURSE – I went out to southern CA for the Newport/Ensenada race. We were in PHRF E and crossed the line 2nd but corrected to 4th – got a mug (that would not be you).

    Have fun and take care.

  7. Admiral Muggs says:

    I thought of calling you several times that week, but, of course, I was just so busy (ha, ha, ha!!) that it didn’t happen. Congratulations on your high placement.

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