Finally at anchor in a beautiful cove

Posted by Admiral
Jan 10 2010

At GPS 24 degrees 25.6’ lat., 110 degrees 21.6’ longitude.

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We are in Bahia San Gabriel on the west coast of Isla Ispiritu Santo which forms the east side of Bahia de La Paz.  Last night’s sunset:

bahia san gabriel 010  

Larry took four shots of the sunset, and he got birds in this one.  they are pelicans.  Other daylight pics before the sunset:

bahia san gabriel 002 Guess who

bahia san gabriel 011bahia san gabriel 003 

Next day we went to short by dinghy:

bahia san gabriel 001

The camera I used here is nearly impossible to use during bright sunlight.  There is no way to preview the image.  I literally pointed and clicked and hoped.  That dot on the horizon is our boat at anchor.  The distance to our boat is about one-half mile.  The boat is anchored in 16’ of water way out there.  These coves are very shoaly – lots of banked up sand and shallow water.

We had the waterproof camera (hence the problem) thinking we would be snorkeling.  It turns out there isn’t a lot of good snorkeling here, but we did go over to a lagoon that was used in the past for oyster/pearl farming.  I think the oysters died out suddenly sometime in the 1940’s.

When I tried to go ashore there, I was chased by a couple of wasps.  We got out of there, sprayed again with bug repellant, went back, and then chickened out.  Like Larry said, I didn’t want to get up on the rocky bank and find myself in the middle of a swarm of wasps!

Tomorrow, we will continue our travels to another cove called Caleta Partida.  For the rest of today, Larry is napping and I am updating the blog.  Please note the “stuff” required to make this happen:

bahia san gabriel 016 Inverter to run the computer

bahia san gabriel 014 Various assorted gizmos to take pictures, transfer pictures, gain internet access.  It doesn’t all show up well in this picture, so I will just have to tell you to be impressed!  Adios for now.

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  1. John & Lisa says:

    We follow you on Google Earth, which unfortunatly dosn’t name the coves, but they all look wonderful; so remote yet so close to La Paz. Thanks for your efforts of the posts – they’re great incentive!

  2. Gilligan says:

    Wow, the water and scenery are amazing. Thanks for keeping us all up-to-date!

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